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  1. On joining the guild you will need to register on the forums.

  2. You will be expected to take light hearted banter with good humour, but nasty or personal attacks are forbidden.

  3. A guildie will not try to make a profit from other guildies, the auction house is for that. Generally a guildie will charge at most the going rate for any items used, and will never charge for the actual crafting itself.

  4. You will do your best to keep in-game appointments (especialy raids). Other people are relying on you.

  5. Spamming of Guild chat is forbidden. People need to use /g chat without it becoming overused and ineffective.


  7. No Ninjas! If we have reports of guild members being a Ninja to others in or out of the guild it will be investigated and dealt with accordingly. E.G. Loot, Saved Raids.

  8. Help your fellow guild members. To make one of us strong is to make all of us strong.

  9. Show your fellow guild member the respect they deserve and treat them as you would wish to be treated.

  10. You are representing us all, so be polite and honest to your fellow players.

Any incidences of rule breaking is to be reported to the GMs & Officers and not to be discussed in guild chat.
Every case is handled individually & can have different outcomes

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